Stephan Miller Photographs

I have been making photographs since I was eight years old. My first camera was my father's Kodak Brownie Hawkeye (on loan). I now have over fifty years worth of negatives, a statistic that I find overwhelming. I almost always carry a camera of some kind and since I spend a significant portion of my day on a bicycle that camera is usually, but not always, a small one.

I started out with the intent of documenting my life in photographs but it just didn't turn out that way. I'm not a documentary photographer. I photograph what I see and never who I'm with. My photographs are rarely occupied. I have been accused of wanting the world to be uninhabited except for me. There may be some truth in that but I think that I am just too shy to photograph people.

I own cameras utilizing film formats from 35mm to 8x10. I've noticed in recent years that I take more interesting photos with small cameras. Small cameras have the additional advantage of portability so I am more likely to have one at hand when the mood strikes. I like the way film renders the image and use digital infrequently. I confess that I am attracted to small sensor digital cameras. The small sensor allows the use of large apertures with great depth of field. Most of these small cameras also incorporate Image stabilization, a real advantage because I don't photograph anything that moves fast (or at all).

My preference for format has varied over the years. Right now I think that the sweet spot compromise between detail and manageable camera size a 6x4.5 negative. I am currently using a Fuji GA645zi, a camera that produces a 6x4.5 negative and has a short, built in zoom.